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My Second Project Guitar


Sound Clips

1 Soundclip of the pickupsThis clip is the neck-both-bridge in humbucking mode, then again in coil tap mode. Finally the bridge pickup with some gain. Recorded with my PAIA Mid Side Stereo Mic and my Mesa F-50.

2 Demo Song This demonstrates one of the sounds the F-50 does well.

The Story

The idea for this experiment came from my interest in three guitars: the Steinberger headless guitar, the Carvin Fatboy/H2, and the Novax Expression. I wondered what it might be like to combine features of all three of these guitars in to one.

I started with a Carvin alder body blank, and sliced it in two pieces, as you would open a book. I routed out the chambers and glued it back together.

Many thanks to Mr. Hunt, an expert wood worker who guided me and helped repair a few of my mistakes.

What I Would Do Differently

If I make another guitar like this, here are a few things I will do differently:

-try to buy two pieces of wood instead of slicing one down the middle. Nobody has a bandsaw with a 14” throat, and using a table saw / handsaw is a bit of work

-mount the neck before cutting out the finger access for the bridge tuners. I had to mount the neck slightly crooked in the pocket since the finger acces was slightly off

-get an extra long drill bit to drill the pickup wire channels. The short bit I used caused the drill to mar the finish a little.

-cut out the main body shape with a bandsaw instead of routing it. My routing seems to be error prone and I usually endup slipping and routing a little hole somewhere.

-route out various sized holes instead of one big chamber. I like the chambered sound but I think as it is it may be tuned a little low. When playing a low E or A, you can really feel the guitar vibrate.

More pics...